State of the Market Global Report 2021

It's here! Created by our Global Research Council, this report provides an update on global trends within the Advisory Board Sector.

Driven by our Global Research Council, we are thrilled to share our findings on how the Professional Advisory sector has evolved over the past two years worldwide. Our continual research tracks Advisory Board usage, participation by professionals and impacts for organisations.

Growth remains the most common strategic priority for organisations seeking an Advisory Board, however, the methods for sustainable growth have changed. We encourage you to download the report and find out how it can support you in making an impact.

This report is relevant to a wide range of stakeholders including corporates, business owners, government bodies, industry associations and most importantly, Advisory professionals supporting organisations with strategic insight and foresight at a board level.

The report is designed to provide value to key stakeholder groups with an interest in Advisory Boards including:

➤ The global professional advisory community supporting organisations with strategic insight and foresight at a board level.
➤ Corporate entities leveraging Advisory Boards to support governance agendas and decision-making cycles.
➤ Business Owners and Executives informing business confidence, the constraints, and where Advisory Boards are adding value.
➤ Government, Funders, Banking Sector and Industry Associations understanding where and how organisations are seeking support.

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